Mortgage Calculator

Comparing Mortgage Calculators

Mortgage calculators are a famous tool which is mostly used by the lenders, home buyers and realty. This tool helps you to know more about the correct amount of mortgage payments. You can get this info by inputting several different variables in electronic form.

These calculators assist you in determining the right interest rate, taxes, monthly payments and insurance policies for your mortgage. There are over thousands of such calculators available online. You can navigate through the standard statistics as far as the mortgage payments are concerned. You must compare the rates as well as the products that are offered by different lenders.

Types Of Mortgage Calculators

We could classify them in many ways, and they would all be correct. This time we have done it taking into account where they are located: on bank websites, on sector websites and generic comparators.

Industry Websites

These types of comparators are, as a general rule, are plugins that any company can add to its website. They are very easy to install and fully customizable.

Its main function is to offer extra service to people who visit your website. They are usually found on pages of real estate agencies, or blogs that talk about financial issues.


This option is one of the most interesting. Almost all financial institutions have their calculator.

In general, these are the primary data that they will ask you to be able to perform the calculation online:

  • How many holders will appear in the mortgage
  • Net monthly income of all holders
  • Age of the holders
  • Other loan expenses
  • Purpose of the home (main residence or 2nd residence)
  • New or used housing
  • Years you want to be paying the mortgage

Once our data has been entered, we will receive an estimate of the quota and APR for each of the available products. If the financial institution works with mixed, fixed or variable mortgages, it will give us three possible results.

Also, in most cases, we will have an approximate idea of ​​the expenses of the constitution of said mortgage. This data is usually a little less visible and is as or more important than the rest of the information.

Generic Calculators

Although mortgage calculators are quite useful and easy to use, there is a second way to find the best mortgage to buy your new home: Mortgage calculator.

They work just like any other comparator. After entering our data, it will offer us a list with the summary of conditions of various financial and credit institutions.

It is the fastest way to have several options in a single click. The difference compared to most mortgage calculators is that to download the results, they usually ask us to register.

The Benefits Of Mortgage Calculators

There are several significant benefits of using the mortgage loan calculator. You can calculate the detailed mortgage payment and can also save money from paying the mortgage broker. Brokers are professional, and they will not provide you with advice according to your income. Mortgage calculators are very simple to use where you do not have to input large information.

Generally, you need to input three things, and that is the interest rate, the amount that is affordable for you to pay the down payment, and the total payment duration. Another important benefit of using this calculator is that you can play with the amounts.

Limitations When Calculating Your Installment With A Mortgage Comparator

Although they are very useful tools, we cannot take the results at face value. Like any other online tool, it should be considered as an aid. But it has its limitations.

For example, we have not found any mortgage simulator (maybe there is) that takes into account life insurance. They also do not take into account your debt capacity. By this, we mean that the financial institution will carry out an exhaustive examination of your accounts to find out how the fee will affect your finances.

Normally it would be best if you allocated a maximum of 30% of your income to pay the mortgage. However, the monthly expenses you have now will be a determining factor when evaluating the risk of the operation. The mortgage or mortgage loans (more correct but less used) is one of the most complex consumer financial products.

Prepare your comparison with the data you extract from the mortgage comparison calculators, and confirm the information at the bank. That way, you will have a much better chance of finding the best mortgage for you.