Top 10 Resources To Use For Investment Knowledge

Top 10 Resources To Use For Investment Knowledge

Investing is a life-long path in the life of every human. The choices we make today would determine the results we get in the nearest future. People who have made the best financial decisions in their lives aren’t that lucky; they developed and equipped themselves with excellent investment knowledge, which helped them excel.

You can use various resources for your investment knowledge, and most of them are free. Even though that might seem unlikely true to you, they do exist; you only need to look at the right place and ask the right questions. Below are the various resources we can use for improving our investment knowledge:

  • Investment Blogs
  • Investment YouTube Channels
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Investment Podcasts
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Banks
  • Business News channels
  • Stock Brokers        
  • Investment Agents

Investment Blogs

Investment blogs are obviously a starting place to gather investment knowledge. There are many investment blogs you can find on the internet today. Some of them are, of course, this blog,, Forbes, Techcrunch, to name a few.

Reading investment blogs will give you insights into what professionals are doing with added tips on tailoring your investments to suit your lifestyle, investment ideology, and retirement plans.

Investment YouTube Channels

YouTube channels are a great way to grow your investment knowledge. Many YouTube channels provide interesting and insightful tips on investments. Most people prefer video content than written content because it helps them understand and assimilate the information faster. If you’re among these types of persons, the YouTube channels would be for you.

As mentioned before, many investment YouTube channels can enhance your investment knowledge, you just need to search on YouTube, and several of these channels will pop up. However, you start with channels of reputable persons or companies or channels with huge subscribers and engagements.  


Family is one of the best ways to get free investment advice or knowledge. Following the advice of family members who have taken similar steps or investment pathways. Their previous experience with investing can come handy to guide you to make the right decisions. However, it would help if you were careful, though; ensure to separate facts with proven data from fiction.   


Friends are similar to that of family. You can get great investment ideas from your friends in the financial sector or have a history of proven investments. You’ll likely get tips, tools, sources, and connections that will better enhance your investment knowledge and portfolio by speaking with them.

Investment Podcasts

Podcasts are a great learning tool. Just like blogs and YouTube channels, investment podcasts channels are a great way to enhance your investment knowledge.

Many podcast channels speak on investing, where to invest, the latest trends in investing, new laws, and other relevant aspects of investment.

You can search Google and get some of these podcast channels. It would help if you started with well-known investment figure podcast channels before getting lost in a sea of information you’re likely to encounter.

Insurance Brokers

Insurance is considered as a form of investment because it protects you against uncertainties. Insurance brokers offer insurance advice and help to contract your insurance with an insurance company.

They’re one of the great resources to get the best insurance tips and exciting offers. When you save money and protect your future, you’ll be more focused on growing your investment portfolio.


Banks are undoubtedly one of the best places to get investment advice. Most people don’t know this or ignore the relevancies of banks in their investment decisions.

Banks always invest and loan to other businesses; by following their updates or investing through banks, you’ll receive various updates on investing.

Business News Channels

This is quite a significant resource for investment knowledge. News channels that focus on business and investment always keep their viewers and readers updated on the latest investments that are ongoing.

Great investors can’t do without the investment news. It helps investors stay informed ahead of the next decision on their investment portfolio.

Stock Brokers

Stockbrokers are individuals that trade shares on behalf of a client. These professionals are always equipped with the latest investment news and market movements to ensure they offer their clients the best service.

Many stockbrokers have a website where they share steady investment tips; they’re a great resource if you’re trying to enhance your investment knowledge.                

Investment Agents

Investment agents, as their name says, handle investment tasks for their clients. They’re similar to stockbrokers but have small distinct roles to play.

However, investment agents can keep you updated or enhance your investment knowledge by enlightening you on good and bad investment steps depending on the current market movement and regulations.

Investing isn’t something we should quickly jump into; we need to equip ourselves with valuable information that would help decide our investment moves.

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